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महासार Mahāsāra = strong, valuable, precious


Welcome to the Mahāsāra School of Meditation’s blog. What’s life highest purpose? To go deep within and recognize our true nature as pure Consciousness. With that noble goal in mind, every week I’ll write something to inspire, nurture, and support our journey toward perfect Self-awareness. Together we’ll explore sacred texts, practice points, and the teachings of saints and sages. May we always delight in the joy of our own awareness.


*** Please note the blog is currently on hiatus. If you would like to help organize a meditation seminar in your city, please send me an email in the contact page.

Nature, The Silent Teacher

What is the essence of the scriptures? That out of a vast and perfect unity, Consciousness appears to divide itself into time, space, and immeasurable subjects and objects. Then Consciousness in the form of the individual gets lost in its own creation and it begins to search for a way back to its original state. In this post we examine how nature silently teaches us about Consciousness.

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