The Introduction Talk

The Introduction Talk is a free one-hour presentation designed to enable you to learn everything you need to know about Mahāsāra Meditation.

Mahāsāra Meditation is a simple yet powerful practice that anyone can learn regardless of their background. The name Mahāsāra Meditation does not refer to a new style of meditation, but to how an ancient mantra-based tradition is taught to a modern audience.

Mahāsāra Meditation focuses on the three pillars of mediation: right understanding, right method, and right inner feeling. Mahāsāra Meditation offers profound benefits at all levels of your being. Through daily practice, you will be able to access the natural joy that lies at the source of your mind.

In the Introduction Talk, you will learn:

  • Why it’s important to meditate
  • Why most people feel they can’t meditate and why they are wrong
  • How meditation works
  • How Mahāsāra Meditation is different than Mindfulness Meditation and Vedic Meditation
  • The scientific benefits of the practice
  • A preview of what you will learn in the four-day course
  • Q&A

Mahāsāra Meditation is specifically designed to enable complete beginners to establish a joyful meditation practice. It is equally suitable for experienced meditators who want to refine and deepen their understanding and practice. The Introduction Talk offers a chance to meet Andres in person, have your questions answered, and determine if Mahāsāra Meditation is right for you. There is no obligation to register for the course.



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The Essence of Meditation Course

Mahāsāra Meditation’s Essence of Meditation course is taught over six hours of instruction. The course can be given for 90-minutes a day over four days, three hours a day over a weekend, or during one full day. Each hour of instruction is mandatory to attend since the course builds a conceptual and practical foundation to meditation. After graduating, you will have all the practical and theoretical knowledge you need to enjoy a lifetime of deep meditation. In addition, you will be able to count on continued guidance and support as your meditation unfolds.

Each hour of the course covers the following topics:


  • First Hour
    • Review of the main points of the free intro talk
    • The nature of the mind – the four parts of the mind
    • The ego as a caterpillar
    • The ordinary I-sense
    • Turning away from objects of perception vs. uniting with them
    • First meditation
  • Second Hour
    • Four Dhāranās to center the mind
    • 15-minute Break
  • Third Hour
    • Introduction to mantra
    • How to repeat a mantra
    • Mantra short ceremony
    • Second meditation – initiation into mantra
  • Fourth Hour
    • The Tantric tradition and the subtle physiology of yoga
    • The mechanics of yoga – the relationship between the mind, the breath, and the life energy
    • All about kriyas
    • Discussion on the attainment of samadhi, or true meditative absorption
  • Fifth Hour
    • 15-minute break
    • A taste of chanting (you don’t need to chant to meditate, but it’s a great experience)
    • Final meditation
  • Sixth Hour
    • Bringing the practice home
    • Overcoming obstacles to meditation
    • Q&A
    • Gratitude and blessings

Ongoing Support

Support for your meditation practice is not limited to the actual course. After graduating, you will continue to receive teachings and guidance in your meditation journey by having email access to the teacher or joining scheduled group teleconferences or online chats. As a graduate of the course, you may also retake the course at any time (subject to advance notice and space considerations) at no additional cost.

The Course Tuition

The tuition for the Essence of Meditation course is $250 and $200 for students and seniors. The fee represents more than just the four days of class instruction and takes into account a lifetime of guidance and the continued relationship with the teacher. Why fees? Ideally, all spiritual teachings should be offered free of charge. However, even ashrams and monasteries depend on financial donations to subsist.

The course fees support the school and help to establish an intention on the part of the student to learn and practice meditation. In India’s yogic traditions, students always bring an offering to the teacher as a sign of their commitment to learning. Traditionally, the offering was in the form of a financial donation, fruits or other goods requested by the teacher, or an offering of seva or selfless service. In our case, the tuition and the student’s open heart and enthusiasm to learn how to meditate are the only offerings requested. In this way, the tuition supports both student and teacher.

Payment plans are available for students (student ID required), seniors, and those who demonstrate financial need.

Private Courses

It’s possible to arrange for private or small group courses (less than 5 students). For private course rates, send a request with details through the Contact Form.

Mahāsāra Meditation will enable you to access great joy, inner peace, deep stillness of mind, and countless other benefits. I look forward to sharing the incredible gift of meditation with you.


“To achieve a higher state of awareness means to focus so intently on our feeling of being that it gradually overshadows our limited body-consciousness, leading to the realization that awareness is what we truly are and that the entire universe is in fact contained within that awareness.

—Andres Pelenur

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