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Free Introductory Talk

April 13, 2017 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Free Intro Talk Mahasara Meditation

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Are you interested in meditation?

Mahāsāra Meditation is a simple yet powerful practice that anyone can learn regardless of their background. The name Mahāsāra Meditation does not refer to a new style of meditation, but to how an ancient mantra-based tradition is taught to a modern audience.

Mahāsāra Meditation focuses on the three pillars of mediation: right understanding, right method, and right inner feeling. Through daily practice, you will be able to access the natural joy that lies at the source of your mind and experience profound benefits at all levels of your being.

In the Introduction Talk, you will learn:

  • Why it’s important to meditate
  • Why most people feel they can’t meditate and why they are wrong
  • How meditation works
  • How Mahāsāra Meditation is different from Mindfulness Meditation and Vedic Meditation
  • The scientific benefits of the practice
  • A preview of what you will learn in the four-day course (two hours a day over four days)
  • Q&A, time allowing

Mahāsāra Meditation is specifically designed to enable complete beginners to establish an effective meditation practice. It is equally suitable for experienced meditators who want to refine and deepen their understanding and practice. The Introductory Talk offers a chance to meet Andres in person, have your questions answered, and determine if Mahāsāra Meditation is right for you. There is no obligation to register for the full Essence of Meditation course.

Is it the same as Mindfulness Meditation?

Mahāsāra Meditation harnesses the wisdom of the Tantric and Vedantic yogic traditions to enable you to attain deep states of inner peace and bliss. The instruction that Mahāsāra Meditation offers reaches beyond basic Mindfulness Meditation, where one is taught to passively observe the breath, thoughts, or other objects of perception. In Mahāsāra Meditation, we receive a mantra and learn how to gradually unite with it until we rest in our own innate awareness.

Is it the same as Vedic Meditation?

Mahāsāra Meditation is different from what has been popularized as Vedic Meditation. In Vedic Meditation, you are given a seed or bija mantra such as hreem, shreem, kleem, and taught to repeat it in a gentle and natural way. While meditating with bija mantras can be very effective, Mahāsāra Meditation takes a different approach. In our practice, we receive a longer five-syllable mantra that enables us to powerfully but naturally still the mind. In Mahāsāra Meditation we never wrestle or fight with our thoughts, nor do we practice any type of forceful concentration. Instead, we gently allow the mantra to guide the mind toward perfect quiescence.

I invite you to transform your life through the sublime practice of meditation.

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Yorkville Library
22 Yorkville Ave
Toronto, on M4W 1L4 Canada
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